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The Pinery Gift Shop and Pantry at The Alnwick Garden

Alnwick Garden Gentlemens Gin – 70cl


This locally distilled¬† Alnwick Garden Gentlemen’s Gin is a small batch limited edition hand crafted gin using Botanical’s grown inside our very own gentlemen’s garden

This gin has notes of Elderflower , Lemonbalm and hints of Liquorice towards the end


37.5% vol

Within the bonny county of Northumberland situated in the walls of The Alnwick Garden you will find the ever-so-friendly Gentlemen’s Garden
A horticultural sanctuary for men of a mature age not only to grow there own crops but to grow there own confidence and friendship
The Alnwick Garden Gentlemen’s gin has been locally hand crafted and distilled using ingredients cultivated within this garden
All Proceeds from this sale will go back into supporting this programme to help it run for many years to come


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