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Alnwick Poison Garden Gin – 20cl


Visitors are strictly prohibited from smelling , touching , or tasting any of the plants – until now !

Locally distilled and infused with our very own foraged Mespilus germanica [Medlar Tree] from our Poison Garden

This hand made gin has flavours similar to apple , with undertones of citrus and apricot





The original poison garden Alnwick gin

The unique process of making this 40% proof gin starts with harvesting the Medlar fruits from the Poison Garden when they are overly ripe-almost to a point of being rotten. The stage of over-ripeness allows for the complex amalgamation of acids, tannins, and sugars within the fruit to produce that unique flavour that gin-lovers will savour. The fruit is then mashed into a pulp, and the essence is distilled

This hand-crafted gin is completely safe to drink and is best served with high-quality tonic water to allow the spirit’s unique flavours to shine through. In terms of garnish, either a slice of apple or a squeeze of lemon works to highlight the gin’s floral notes and balance out its woodier undertones.


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