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Reusable Straw with Tin – By The Silicone Straw Company


Details and Features: 

Each tin contains a single reusable straw neatly folded into an aluminium tin so you can pop one or two in your handbag! You never have to use a soggy paper straw every again with one of these in the bottom of your bag!

Care Instructions:
Use our clever cleaning brush with hot water and a drop of washing up liquid to clean inside the straw. Or just pop them in the dishwasher. This tin does not contain a cleaning brush so don’t forget to add one before you check out


If you hate soggy paper straws, take a look at The Silicone Straw Company’s colourful collection of chewable, reusable, dishwasher proof silicone straws made right here in the U.K!

Pick your favourite colour straw and take it anywhere in a convenient travel tin!

The UK Government has now banned single-use plastic straws which is great for the environment but not so great for your drinks! So whether you only use straws occasionally or every day let these straws help you avoid any more soggy straw situations! They are perfectly simple in design and can  be taken out and about with you in our handy travel tins!

This company has been created by Charlotte, an engineer and  mum-of-three on a mission to help families live greener, happier lives. These straws are the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and soggy paper straws.

Colours Available:

Red, Yellow, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Green, Orange, Blue, White, Grey

🥤 Food grade silicone which is FDA approved
🧪BPA free ⠀
🌱 Vegan friendly (no animal derived material in the straws or during manufacture)
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Child friendly, bend easily and are surprisingly chewable⠀
✂️ They can be snipped to any length using kitchen scissors so will fit perfectly in any sized cup or glass
🍽 Easily cleaned with a cleaning brush or in the dishwasher⠀
📦 100% plastic free packaging.

Reusable Straws

Blue, Dark Pink, Green, Grey, Light Pink, Orange, Red, White, Yellow


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