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The Making of The Alnwick Garden Book


The Making of the Alnwick Garden follows a 17year battle by the Duchess of Northumberland and Ian August to build the most exciting contemporary garden in Britain. The book describes the fight for sponsorship and the struggle to persuade the public that this was a garden for all, not an aristocratic fancy, and the efforts to find a garden designer who would understand the concept. Facing intense criticism from the national press, August captures the dramas and dilemmas of what, at times, seemed like an insurmountable battle.


Hardback. 320 pages.

20 in stock

The garden is a magical space that welcomes more than half a million visitors every year, defying critics and proving that the ultimate victory went to the people of the North East. The story of the Garden’s creation is a breathtaking history of courage and determination, interwoven with memorable characters who undertook this remarkable feat.





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